Peugeot’s Foodtruck Is A Bistro On Wheels


French automaker Peugeot has released a revolutionary food truck, dubbed ”Le Bistro du Lion.” The name perfectly reflects its desired role as a mobile bistro that’s meant to fit into a larger theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” the guiding words for this year’s World Fair, Expo Milano. Designed by its eponymous Design Lab, Peugeot’s unique and modern take on the food truck incorporates a custom van with a trailer attached to it.

Alternatively, the Foodtruck and its matching trailer can be transformed into an amphitheater-like dining space with a DJ booth and a 46-inch screen that lets customers watch the chef’s every move. Peugeot says the truck is designed to accommodate up to 30 customers when it is in amphitheater mode.

In addition, food truck specialist Euromag has teamed up to install two grilling plates, four induction burners, a deep fryer, a 100-gallon floorboard refrigerator, a secondary 90-gallon drinks fridge and a Rocket Espresso machine on board the truck. As part of its marketing campaign, renowned French chef Sven Chartier will be serving up locally sourced and organic food from the Le Bistro du Lion during the 2015 Milan Design Week, starting April 14.

Very chic indeed. Would you buy food from this truck?


Source: Hypebeast