CES 2015| Audi Knows How To Make An Autonomous Car, While LG Knows How To Make A Smartwatch. And They Are Teaming Up!

“Time has been transformed, and we have changed” — Khalil Gibran

In the past couple years, Moto made a smartwatch, Sony introduced a few smartwatches, Samsung has been selling smartwatches, LG said they have a smartwatch, and Google announced its own OS for smartwatches.

In the last couple months, BMW hosted an event about wearable technology and presented how to park its cars using a smartwatch.

It’s time.

Yesterday, Audi showed off how to summon a self-driving car using an LG smartwatch at CES 2015. Interestingly, it was not the smartwatch that LG had introduced a few months ago. It’s a completely new and unique LG smartwatch just for Audi. On the surface, it’s similar to the LG G Watch R with a rounded screen and beveled edges that are slanted down, but the Audi version has a lighter outer shell with three hard buttons instead of one on the G Watch R. LG confirmed that this is an LG watch made for Audi, running on Android Wear OS and supporting Audi Prologue Technology.







lg-audi-smartwatch-webosA short press conference had been conducted after the performance, in which most of the questions were whether this device is a future LG smartwatch or simply a one-off design for this Audi demo. However, everything is still a mystery even now. But there is no doubt that Audi is definitely interested in developing its own smartwatch in the near future, just like BMW.

I’m thinking of a partnership between Apple and Tesla Motors since Apple Watch is about to be sold soon. What a dream team that would be!

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