AGVisor Brings LCD-tinted Visors Into Its New Helmets

Keep fast, and stay safe!

When was the last time you wore sunglasses while driving at night? And when was the last time you drove without sunglasses on a very sunny day?

I know my questions are silly. But don’t you agree that we only need sunglasses when we drive during the day? It’s the same with motorcyclists. The only difference is that their helmet shield is also their sunglasses. Therefore, a motorcyclist usually needs 2 shields: one clear for night-time riding, and one tinted for daytime use. Very inconvenient, right?

Today, I have great news for all motorcyclists. AGV, an Italy-based company has just debuted its LCD-based AGVisor system, a new invention that lets you switch from a clear visor to a dark visor with the touch of a button. Using LCD technology, bonded to the visor, the AGVisor saves you from having to carry two visors, so you no longer have to be concerned with the sun appearing whilst out on the bike.


Technically, the producer used electrochromic, which tints the glass or plastic by applying an electrical current. This technology had been featured on a demonstrative helmet of Skully before. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard back from Skully after that.

Back to this AGVisor system. The good news is that you don’t need to shop a new AGV helmet since the new technology fits the AGV Vista GP, Corsa, and GT Veloce helmets. Powered through USB charging, it will last 12 hours in dark mode, and 50 hours in clear mode until it needs to be charged again. But wait, what if the battery is running out while I’m riding? Don’t worry, it will stay in clear mode.

Did I tell you it’s also weatherproof? And it won’t be cheap at all. The price tag for the European market is set at €200.

AGV said they will be able to ship first purchases in May, and worldwide shipping will be available. For pre-order information, click here.

Video credit: 1000PS

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