Windowless Planes Could Be Here In 10 Years

This Article Originally Appeared on Today

In this plane, everyone has a window seat. And yet there are no windows.

Instead, this concept plane from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) lines the cabin with curved high-definition screens. Cameras mounted on the aircraft’s exterior then pipe in video that make it look like the walls are see-through.

This is exciting, and frightening at the same time.

They’re not alone. The CPI plane is one of several manufacturers vying to develop similar aircraft, such as Technicon Design and a windowless supersonic jet from Spike Aerospace. Don’t expect to be boarding one on your next flight to Cleveland; makers say the designs are still 10 years away from taking off.


And it’s not just an eye-boggling gimmick. By doing away with regular windows, which require reinforcement in the fuselage, the airplane’s walls can be made thinner, stronger and more light-weight.

In transport, any kind of weight reduction can translate to fuel savings and, ultimately, maybe even cheaper ticket prices. Now there’s a view worth seeing.