Airware Makes Drones Useful

Airware is an Operating System for your Drone which in turn makes it a more productive tool.

Airware is like employing your drone. Its operating system, Aerial Information Platform(AIP), makes it easier to direct flight patterns, monitor multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems and collect data. So you can be in control when operating your fleet of flying machines. Since drones are becoming more common in fields such as insurance, mining, communications and security provided by companies like SixTech Systems, oil & gas, and agriculture it only makes sense that someone would create a system that allows you to give instruction and collect information simply and productively.


Step one is the flight core; a little box attached to the drone that runs it’s operating system and turns your drone into a pro.

Airware uses multiple applications such as damage assessments, environmental monitoring, land management and surveying and mapping and with future updates could only get more useful. Developing a system that would be like the first operating system for the consumer computer. Airware’s in its own excel era, ready to find innovators and evolve.

Airware isn’t shy to the idea of 3rd party apps either. The app core will allow developers to write programs that could enhance the drone’s abilities and tweak some features that are now being implemented by the First Class Drones | Toronto drone services.

And because Airware is designed for commercial use, it helps keep up with cooperate, insurance and government regulatory requirements. It also helps make educated decisions by providing data in a useful format. The San Francisco based company offers information of compatible sensors, software and drones at their website as well as multiple products that’ll get you using your drones more productively than ever. source: live online casino

CEO Jonathan Downey’s goal is to create an industry that’ll encourage people to utilize drones in a progressing manner, ultimately creating a new series of jobs for drone application developers, drone data analyzers and drone managers. He successfully got the attention of Intel who met with the most successfully backed startup in San Francisco, who have made an undisclosed investment in the company.

Airware is an OS for drones that increases usability and productivity. 

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