Carta2, Like A GTA Body Shop For Your Real Life Car


Carta2 Launches An Indiegogo Campaign For Their New Platform, Driven By Video Game 3D Technology. The Platform Provides Users With Custom Car “Tattoos” That Will Instantly Upgrade The Look Of Their Cars.

Everyone loves customizing their cars in GTA, and now they can do it in real life. Carta2 is launching an Indiegogo campaign to finalize the development of its online platform. Powered by Unity’s game engine, Carta2 utilizes a 3D interface to show users how tattoos – large adhesive decals – will look on their cars before purchasing. With a line-up of talented Carta2 artists, users will be able to find the best tattoos to make their cars stand out. You can also check this new coating system – mumsports.com.

The platform features 3D technology to show users how a particular tattoo will appear on their car. It offers options for the user to select their car’s make, model, and color and then displays it in 3D from every angle. Once a tattoo is selected, users can place it anywhere on the 3D model to get an idea of how it will look on their actual car. Car owners often modify their cars with ceramic coating headers and vinyl wrap, so this is a new way to show off someone’s true personality.

Carta2 is not just a platform for viewing and purchasing, it aims to create an active community of people who care about upgrading the appearance of their cars. The platform also functions as a social-professional stage and marketplace for Carta2 artists. For every design they publish, they receive credit and royalties from the sale of their designs, they also work with companies that offer 3M Commercial Vehicle Wraps, you’ll be able to get any designs you want.

Imagine a user wanting to give their car a fresh look, but not having enough money to take it into a pro-shop for a custom job. All the customer would need is for Carta2 to upgrade their car’s appearance, without having to pay a fortune. First, the user logs into Carta2’s platform and selects their car’s make, model, and color, and then browses the selection of custom tattoos. For each tattoo that they like, the user can virtually place it on the 3D model of their car to get an idea of how it will look before they purchase. Once they arrive, the user just needs to follow the easy stick on instructions, and then they are ready to go.

Carta2’s other great features include:

Social – Users can share designs via social media before purchasing to consult with friends.
Variety – Tattoos come in a number of styles, designs, and sizes
Customizable – Users are able to upload their own photos and have Carta2 artists design tattoos specifically for them.
High Quality Material – Tattoos are made with materials from 3M.
Transparency – All tattoo designs come printed on transparent material so that they blends with every color car.
Easy Removal – All tattoos are easy to remove and won’t damage the car or the paint job. Melbourne new car ceramic paint protection makes this easy.
Durability – Tattoos can withstand all weather conditions.

“There is no doubt that our cars are the most significant social product that we own,” says Mosh Leibovitz, Carta2’s Director of Marketing and Partnerships. “It is a status symbol, that expresses who we are and because of that, car owners look to invest as much as possible. Carta2 proves that it’s possible to invest in your uniqueness and be special and different, without spending a lot of money.”


Carta2 was founded by two young people who love cars and are looking to change the world of car customization. The company aims to provide users with a quality platform, while simultaneously striving for innovation. Carta2 is headed by Mosh Lebovich, Director of Marketing and Partnerships, and Noa Lebovich, Director of Customer Relations and Business Development.