Drone Kingpin Wants Regulation. Skynet Style.

Much like the internet in its early stages, the market for drones is exceptionally unregulated. As a result, innovators are encouraged to generate new ideas on how to utilize the technology. This unfettered environment also means that drone implementation can lead to dangerous situations, such as the interference with manned aircraft at low altitudes.

Jay Bregman, co-founder of London based taxi-pairing service Hailo, is now trying to bring order to drone usage to prevent a catastrophe from occurring. Those taking advantage of the technology are in uncharted waters. He argues that the market has grown so quickly it is causing havoc. To prevent any further harm, he has created Verifly, which will gather information on drones around the world.
Jay Bregman
With this information the company will create a database that will take into account local rules and laws for drones. Bregman intends to regulate this new market in order to stimulate its growth. By decreasing the number of incidents involving drones, Verifly will prevent accidents that will deter the public from supporting their usage.

The new company of eight employees, many of whom have worked on Bregman’s previous projects, is based in Dublin, Ireland. The company wants Europe to lead the world down this path of regulation. The startup has already seen massive popularity among investors. At this point, Bregman has raised £1.4 million from a star studded collection of funders. This includes the son of Ryanair’s founder, Virgin Mobile US founder Amol Sarva and Facebook’s New York site director.

Drones have long been criticized for their invasiveness and the threat they pose to manned aircraft. Verifly is meant to stymie this negative stigma. Let’s just hope his Skynet approach is worth the benefits.

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