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Winston Watches are a Beautiful Time Piece Inspired by Travel

Watches are in a transition stage(i.e. apple watch/android wear) and that’s exciting, but sometimes, it’s the simplicity of a classic product that is charming. For watches this is especially true. I use a smart watch, which is a great help in my daily life. However it doesn’t come anywhere close to the beauty of a classic time piece. Winston Watches are especially beautiful, simple, elegant and ready to accompany you anywhere.

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Inspired by the adventure and free spirit of travel, the Winston Watch is a clean, well designed circular product that comes in a neatly thought out package. It includes a handcrafted leather passport case, two straps, a pen and a strap changing tool.

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You can get your hands on one of three styles currently available for pre-order via the Kickstarter page. One with a silver case and white dial, a rose gold case and white dial or a silver case and black dial. Each coming with a leather and nylon strap. The faces are a very classic minimalist design, perfectly ready for any setting.

The watch raised 15K in a little over the first day, which isn’t surprising. The design is very very easy to fall in love with. Started by a group of Australian entrepreneurs, Winston Watches already proves to be a promising company with a promising product.

“In an era of products that fall short on expectations, Lock says “the goal was to create a watch brand that gives the customer everything they could possibly want. And I think we have succeeded.”(winstontime 2015)”

What intrigues me about the Winston Watch is more than it’s timeless design. The watch translates across countries and fits perfectly in your travels. It’s designed not as an accessory but a necessity. Passport? Check. Wallet? Check. Watch? Check. This is exactly what a watch should be. A device that is necessary, simple, to the point and perfectly adaptable; all things that the Winston very much is. It’s one of the types of watches every man should own!

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Copy of JRP_WinstonWatches-8June1520415

To support the artful experience of the Winston Watch, please go to their kickstarter page and get your wrist a soulmate.

Source: Winston Watches

Writer: Angel Damion Robles