Must Watch: Tesla Model S P85D Totally Beats Up BMW i8

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One is the second best* full-electric Tesla Model S P85D, and one is the best futuristic-look hybrid BMW i8. Who will be the winner in a drag race?

* Now the best Tesla Model S P85D comes with the new Ludicrous Mode

The relationship between Tesla Motors and BMW has been rough since many of their expected collaborations in terms of car batteries and charging station network went sour. But each of them has been working hard and has introduced quite amazing technologies for future cars.

Today, let’s temporarily forget their bitter relationship and focus on a more excited task: drag race a dual-motor Tesla Model S P85D against a BMW i8 to see whether a full-electric sedan or a hybrid sportscar will be the king on the road.

To give you an overview of each car, I’ve made this table:

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 5.51.44 PM

In general, the i8 is significantly lighter than its competitor, with less than half the power at a significantly more expensive price tag. The Tesla Model S P85D is a sedan with an incredible (optional) moon roof, while BMW i8 can be a convertible sports car in just 5 seconds.

Let’s start with the two cars drag racing from a stop:

The P85D totally beat up the i8. This video gives me a feeling that BMW i8 is just like a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord because of its slow-motion acceleration.

Now, let’s see how the two cars accelerate from a moving start of 15 mph:

From a roll, the i8’s acceleration seems much better. It has more momentum, and the distance between the two cars was not as significant as in the previous race. But, Tesla still wins.

After watching these videos, which car will you vote for?

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