2019 Fully Electric Audi Q6 Set To Crush Tesla

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Tesla stands today as the unchallenged ruler of electric vehicles. Its vehicles have great range, are reliable and are fun to drive. In this way they have created the Holy Grail of automaking- Teslas attract motoring enthusiasts, the environmentally minded, and those who just want a reliable car for hassle-free transport from point A to B.

2018 Audi Q6 (artist's rendering)

2018 Audi Q6 (artist’s rendering)

Now Audi wants to drink from Tesla’s cup and it might get what it wants with the 2019 Audi Q6 e-tron, complete with a fully battery-electric version. Following the trend of SUVs with coupe roof-lines started by BMW’s X6, the Q6 features four doors like an SUV but its low coefficient of drag makes it slippery like a sports coupe. It’s built on the highly capable second-generation modular longitudinal architecture, meaning that Audi will have no problem installing the diverse features seen in its other vehicles in the Q6 (ie. driver assistance packages).


This styling is the love child of the Audi Prologue concept pictured below and the “e-tron” design language first seen in the all electric R8. This is meant to set it apart as a vehicle with an electric powertrain that gives the same engaging driving experience of a Tesla without sacrificing Audi’s well renowned technology and luxury.


Speaking of technology, the Q6 will not only be advanced in terms of its 500 horsepower all-wheel electric drivetrain that also dishes out a massive 500 lb-ft of torque, but also because of an inductive-charging outlet. That means the Q6 will have wireless charging and forgo the need to ever be plugged in. Its range is expected to exceed 310 miles, which should be a worrying number for Tesla. In the interior, the Q6 will implement a similar “virtual cockpit” as seen in the Prologue concept.


Unlike Tesla, Audi is not restricted to solely producing electric vehicles and will also offer a plug-in hybrid version in addition to the possibility of a fuel-cell electric option. Consumers will be able to purchase a Q6 that best matches their needs and lifestyles.

While no price is available at this time, the 2019 Audi Q6 will be more costly than the existing Q5. Seeing as it is currently being billed as a Tesla competitor, potential buyers can expect it to be in a similar price range.

The Q6 will offer its future owners luxury, performance, practicality, and emissions-free driving. Watch out Tesla. This one’s gunning for you.

Source and Image Source: Car and Driver

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