What to Buy if You’re Taking a Long Camping Trip

Thinking of creative vacation ideas can be a challenge when you feel like you have experienced it all before. If you are tired of beach vacations and amusement parks, trying a camping trip could be a fun adventure!

The great outdoors is fun to explore, especially when you are with the right people.Head out with family and friends for a week you will never forget.

Whether you are hiring a campervan or pitching a tent, it’s important to make sure you are prepared either way. Having some Drawer Slides in the back of your truck/van, for example, can make packing a breeze as they are an ideal solution when it comes to storing all your tools, equipment, clothes, fuel and even food. The last thing you want is to not remember where you put the lighter for the campfire! If you are heading out on an extended camping trip, you should be even more prepared. Aside from the common gear, like a Skaljacka, there are a few super useful items you should add to your shopping list.

These items are great to have for a long camping trip with a friend, other couples, or the whole family!

A Collapsible Camping Table

While many campsites do come equipped with picnic areas, not all of them do. You might also find that other groups are at the campsite using the same tables you need.

To prevent any problems that might arise without having a table, you can easily bring your own!

Don’t worry about not being able to fit a table in the car. There are collapsible tables meant for camping that fold up for easy storage.

Having your own table will make the perfect place to play games and eat meals on camping plates. The best part is, you won’t have to worry about sharing with any other campers.

A Leisure Battery Charger

If you go camping in your caravan, one of the most important things you can buy is a leisure battery charger. A charger can help save your camping trip if your battery goes flat on the way.

There are lots of leisure battery chargers available on the market so you might want to look online for reviews to see which will be the best option for your caravan. You don’t want to spend money on a charger only to find there was a much better option for only a bit more money.

The good thing about leisure batteries is that they’re designed to be used and recharged many times so as long as you keep the battery and charger in good condition, it will last you a long time.

Traveling Bunk Beds

Camping with the family might mean not having tons of personal space throughout the day. Tents aren’t the biggest and definitely will take some getting used to for a long stay away from home.

To maximize the space in any tent you use, you could invest in bunk beds meant specifically for travel.

You will be able to save floor space inside the tent for other activities by stacking your beds. There will be more room to spread out during the day and you won’t have to compromise on sleeping comfortably.

The kids will love sleeping in bunk beds, especially if they don’t get to at home. Even adults can have fun sleeping on these fun beds!

Bunk beds meant for travel are a great choice for bigger families that just need some more space.

A Privacy Tent

Possibly one of the most overwhelming parts of preparing for a camping trip is deciding what tent to purchase. They are all so different that it is hard to decide which will be perfect for your needs!

A great option for families and couples is a privacy tent. These keep campers nearby from seeping into the tent so you can have some time away from the pack.

You will have space to change without being seen and still be protected from the elements. Using a privacy tent is truly one of the best choices you could make for your trip.

If you are looking to purchase, Giftwits has a helpful list of the best privacy tents that could make your camping trip awesome.

Comfortable Folding Chairs

Picnics on checkered blankets are fun every once in a while, but they can really take a toll on your back when you sit on the ground every day.

If you are going on a long trip, you will want another seating option to take breaks from the hard earth. Folding chairs made from a soft and waterproof material are a must.

It is important to make sure you pack comfortable chairs that can easily be stored for transporting them. Bring enough for the whole family or just a few for the adults to make sure everyone is happy.

A Solar Powered Portable Charger

Out in the great outdoors, there are no outlets or phone chargers. That is why it is so important to find a charging option that will work without all the wires.

There are some portable chargers that are powered by the sun so they will never run out of juice!

Find a solar charger with the right ports for your devices to make sure you can stay connected to the outside world if necessary. You also have the alternative of carrying a lightweight, portable power supply with you, that can be charged via solar panels.

A solar-powered portable power station like the Jackery 500 can not only provide adequate power supply (and more) but can also be charged within a few hours by using compatible solar panels. This way, you could store the extra power in the generator and use it in places where there’s not much sunlight, too.

A Solar Light

The woods can get dark and a little bit spooky at night. You won’t be able to see much without light inside the tent or outside without a campfire.

Investing in a solar light or lantern will make your trip so much brighter. Reading at night will be possible, as will seeing outside when you have to use the restroom in the dark!

The best part about solar light is that you will not have to worry about it running out of batteries. Make sure it is juiced up before dark for the ultimate brightness at night.

An Air Compressor

Heading out on a camping trip probably means driving across some rough terrain to get there. Bumpy roads could lead to low tire pressure in the car or even a flat tire.

To prevent getting stuck out in the woods without any way to return, an air compressor is a great idea to bring along. They are also great for pumping up a bike tire if you bring those along!

You shouldn’t let a flat hinder the fun you have while camping.

A Filtered Water Bottle

You won’t always have access to fresh water out in nature. Plastic water bottles from the grocery store are fine, but they are bad for the environment and will eventually run out.

Getting a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter will ensure you can drink clean water no matter where you are.

One that is insulated is an even bigger bonus, so your water will stay cold enough for all of your adventures.

Staying hydrated will keep everyone safe and happy all day!

A Portable Coffee Maker

Getting your fix of caffeine while spending a long while in the woods might be tough when you are far away from your favorite coffee shop.

Instead, you can find a portable coffee maker that will brew your coffee quickly. There are some that work with espresso too for that extra jolt before a long day.

Bring your favorite coffee and some filtered water for your favorite drink even in the woods!

An Outdoor Proof Gadget Case

Hiking through the forest across rocks and hills could result in falls that put expensive gadgets at risk. While you might only get a scrape, your phone could tragically get destroyed.

Protect your phones and cameras from damage with a storage case that will keep them out of harm’s way.

These cases are also sealed, so water from the rain or a dip in the stream cannot get inside. Keep your most expensive gear safe!

Going on a long camping trip requires the right gear to get you through. Don’t forget to prepare properly for the best trip possible.