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Road Trip Essentials: 7 RV Gadgets You Need for the Open Road

All across America, the RV has never been so popular. With annual sales of 430,000, there are lots of happy RV enthusiasts enjoying the call of the wild and of the open road. The options are endless when it comes to RVs too – if you have a large family then there are RVs that can easily hold a family of 7 but then if you want to go camping by yourself, you can get a teardrop trailer. These are micro RVs that are towable by cars so be sure to take a look on campingfunzone.com if you want to find out more. These RVs can provide so much fun – from the sightseeing to the star studded nights, road trips are full of surprises.

Forget uncomfortable family road trips. Upgrade your RV with the latest gadgets and accessories. Start with these seven must-have RV gadgets! Before you head out on your trip, if you don’t have a safe place to store your car while out in your RV, then consider taking it to a car storage until you come back.

RV Gadgets

Whether your RV is a top of the range model bought directly from rv dealership burlington, adding accessories is always an option. There’s an accessory for every budget. If you have a low budget, but you want your RV to be fully kitted out, then its always worth keeping an eye out for the best coupons during Black Friday, as you might just get some really good deals. Does your RV awning droop? You can fix that with an RV awning roller tube.

1. Solar Oven

An RV is all about getting away from home. A home from home but in the outdoors. Why not take advantage of all that the outdoors has to offer with a solar oven?

Instead of firing up the onboard cooking equipment, a solar oven uses the sun’s rays to generate enough heat to cook a delicious alfresco meal. A portable cylinder solar oven folds down for easy storage. For example, set the GoSun Portable Solar Oven to work and you can expect the food to be cooked in a matter of minutes at temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a great alternative to barbequing. It’s cleaner, more environmentally sustainable and safer too.

Many wildfires are caused by campfires that have got out of hand. The result can be damage to forest, homes and even risk lives.

2. Shower Squeegee

At the other end of the price range is a shower squeegee. It’s an essential RV owner’s accessory. The reason for this is that the most feared of enemies to the RV owner is damp.

Any damp in an RV tends to attract mold and mold can seriously damage the fabric of your RV. It turns a fresh, clean and attractive shower into a smelly, dirty looking, crumbling place.

Regularly using a shower squeegee helps reduce the amount of water left on the glass and walls of your shower. Removing this water stops moisture building up and attracting mold. Use the squeegee every time you shower and wipe other surfaces too.

3. Leveling Kit

Finding level ground to park your RV is ideal. Often, it’s not possible. The resulting sloping RV has several effects.

The wastewater system is affected by the slope so the wastewater does not flow as it’s intended to, causing a backup of dirty water. Walking inside your RV feels very much like you’re at sea. You have a restless night rolling to one side of your bed.

A leveling kit is what’s needed. A good leveling kit will balance your RV so there’s no slope. Look for a kit with mats included for better stability.

Practice using your levelers so that you are confident using them. Late arrival at your campground shouldn’t be compounded by a poorly executed RV leveling job. Practice leveling your RV so you can do it in the dark and when you’re tired.

4. Air Compressor

What do you do if you have a flat tire if you don’t have a compressor? You’re going to have all sorts of problems trying to borrow one, paying for a tow truck or running flat. Just get your own portable air compressor and you won’t have any problems filling your flat tire, find one at the portable air compressor rental in la grange il.

Check your tires daily while you are traveling. It’s important for your safety. It’s best to check tires in advance of travel deadlines so you can resolve any problem before it affects your travel plans. Before leaving the house make sure the to have a working compressor, if its not you can get air compressor repair, the way you can take it on the road trip.

You can also use a portable air compressor to fill a basketball, an inflatable kayak or swimming pool inflatables. You might even find that you’re the most popular person at the campsite after you save the day and inflate your neighbors spare tire. You’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one sooner.

5. Walkie Talkie

If you ever travel to remote areas where there is no cellular service you will have experienced the frustration of losing cell phone signal. In some places, you can’t just raise your hand and get an extra bar of phone signal.

In these circumstances, you’ll appreciate having the best long range walkie talkie to hand. They’re great to keep in touch with travel companions in another vehicle while on the road. It’s an old school solution but a practical one too.

While exploring your destination keep in touch with base. Explore the mall and still keep in touch with others. Walkie talkies are also great fun for kids to play with. 

6. Water Filter

Have you ever wondered what the quality of the water is like on a campground? Does it have a strange taste and is its source questionable? The water at campgrounds is not always filtered.

Not all RVs have a water filter fitted as standard. Check if your RV has a water filter fitted. If it doesn’t you may be drinking water that is not just strange tasting but actually dangerous to your health.

The solution is to take your own water filter, much like the ones here: Source. An RV water filter can be fitted in line with your water supply delivering filtered water to you and your family every time. Taste the difference and drink safe water too.

7. Folding Chairs

You get to the campground and you can’t wait to enjoy the outdoor life but you’ve been driving all day. You need to sit down and relax with a cold beer and some pleasant company. Where are you going to sit?

A set of folding chairs is just what you need. Choose chairs that are lightweight and with backpack straps. This way you can easily carry them with you to the beach or the pool.

With storage pockets, a portable chair can also be a convenient way to bring along snacks, a book or sunscreen. With your hands-free, you can also carry your trout fishing rod, a beach ball or a hold a childs hand.

The RV Life

Life can be so good with an RV. Make sure that you take some sparklers and night entertainment from Fireworks Retailer. The feeling of freedom is addictive. They are great fun for getting away from it all and RV gadgets make it even more enjoyable.

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