What does Ethereum have to do with your dream holiday? Crowdvilla is the answer!

Holidays can feel like a great deal of work and pressure all for something to get us away from work and pressure. Stress for the sake of a stress-free week or four: from looking for the best hotels, flights, insurance, not including things to do! But for holidaymakers, the worries of finding your dream destination just got a lot easier.

The Singapore based company, REIDAO has made its name in shaking up the property market; allowing its users to cut out the middle-man when it comes to buying a home. REIDAO now has its eyes set on the holidaymakers and homeowners with CrowdVilla.

The blockchain-based platform would allow users to rent and pay for properties owned by Crowdvilla members, without ever needing to visit additional sites or pay exorbitant administration fees. The Sharing Economy, according to the former CEO of Roomorama Federico Folcia, is being revitalised thanks to REIDAO and Crowdvilla, saving home and holiday seekers from unnecessary stress.

“In a traditional peer-to-peer sharing economy, there shouldn’t be an intermediary controlling the transaction process and indiscriminately marking the price up. Crowdvilla will make the whole process more efficient, secure and transparent for both travellers and homeowners,” – Federico Folcia.

CrowdVilla – How does it work?

Every so often, we may overhear conversations about someone’s second home or villa overseas. It isn’t followed, however, by the extortionate maintenance costs that coincide with owning a home abroad. The same issues arise with renting out a property short-term; from the administration fees to additional charges of advertising it through a third party.

It’s able to do this through the use of Blockchain, connecting both parties and removing unnecessary costs. Made possible through the technology’s ability to track expenses and transfer money between the two parties with exceptional speed and security.

So where does Ethereum come into it? Crowdvilla uses an Ethereum blockchain, not just for its security but as its money. It operates on a two-token system: The first being the ‘Utility Token’. 

The second is the ‘Ownership token’, generated for property owners that place their available home on the blockchain. When these homes are rented, the property produces Utility Tokens for the owner. The sharing economy comes into it in how owners can choose to use these tokens; whether exchanging them for real money, which the Ethereum blockchain allows for. Or gaining enough to use them for a holiday of their own later!

What Puts CrowdVilla ahead of the pack?

Crowdvilla also serves to manage the upkeep of any holiday homes on their site, removing maintenance costs and other fees by paying via its in-site currency. Want to avoid the fees involved with other letting sites? definitely get involved with Crowdvilla!

Unlike other companies, Crowdvilla is a Non-Profit Organisation. Meaning no shareholders and all profits go towards improving its services and seeking out new properties across the world to further broaden the map for holiday seekers.

For those seeking to be part of this holidaymaking revolution: Its token sale is due to take place this month. Its CrowdVilla (CRV) tokens are obtainable through an exchange of Ethereum – visit Ethereum code official site.

Be part of a holiday revolution with CrowdVilla!