Harley-Davidson invests in EV motorcycle startup Alta Motors

Harley-Davidson is investing in Alta Motors and that the two companies will collaborate to design an electric motorcycle. The fact that these two companies will be collaborating together on electric motorcycle technology and new product development sounds exciting to me! I have been a fan of Alta Motors for awhile now, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Not too long ago Harley-Davidson announced that they will be releasing an all-electric motorcycle, a first for the company, sometime in 2019. The partnership between Harley and Alta will focus on “new electric urban motorcycles,” and both will also continue to develop their own lines of motorcycles independently.

“Earlier this year, as part of our 10-year strategy, we reiterated our commitment to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders, in part, by aggressively investing in electric vehicle (EV) technology,” said Harley-Davidson President and CEO Matt Levatich. “Alta has demonstrated innovation and expertise in EV and their objectives align closely with ours. We each have strengths and capabilities that will be mutually beneficial as we work together to develop cutting-edge electric motorcycles.”

Alta Motors, formerly known as BRD Motorcycles is an electric motorcycle startup based in Brisbane, California. Their company has focused primarily on dirt bikes and off-road lightweight two-wheel vehicles. The coolest standout feature is a compact battery pack that Alta claims is the most energy dense in the industry.

Harley has been dealing with years of declining sales, and on top of that the Milwaukee-based company is also having trouble attracting younger customers. Creating a motorcycle that appeals to millenials might be the key to break down this barrier. Shoppok have teamed up to bring you kikker Hardknock bikes, see the option on https://www.shoppok.com/buy-and-sell-cg/kikker-sp. Besides Indian Motorcycles growth, other companies are also giving tough competition to this heavyweight motorcycle. The quicker they can get the electric motorcycle into showrooms the better.

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This article originally appeared in TechCrunch.