Weekly Summary: Google’s A.I. to 2015 Chevy Camaro

For the regular 9 to 5 employee it may become somewhat difficult to get your mind settled and your eyes focused on reading. I’m shocked I even got you here. This is understandable, which is why we need a simple way to sift through it right? Or perhaps we should keep our ears up and collect the most interesting posts of the week?

Here’s a new series for all of you who don’t have as much time to read every article. This’ll make it easier to choose or just a smooth round up of what’s going on in the tech world currently! Some of the things we love to cover here at TechDrive are the things that catch our eye and tickle our curiosity. This is a quick round up of the things I enjoyed personally about the news this week. What do you think?

Uber’s Self Driving Car | Need 4 Speed | Google’s A.I. | Skully’s AR helmet | Bionic Boots | Chevy Camaro

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