Google IO live Stream and Blog!

UPDATE: Keynote ended 12:00pm

Keep tuned in for a live stream and blog of Google‘s conference currently going on in San Francisco. We will be updating it periodically with new news! And tweeting @techdriveco

Here is the live stream and below the updates periodically on how the show is going. Stay tuned and we’ll post a full summary of the event later on today.


10:00am: 35 car brands participate in Android Auto. Android auto is being shipped built into some cars but is able to be connected by simply attaching your phone to your car with a USB.

10:00am: HBO Now will be available on Android!


10:02am: M is about going back to the core experience says Pichai.


Android Pay is smoother and easier than ever. Now being provided at more retailers and accepted by more banks.


App permissions are now divided into each permission and not one group. The app also won’t ask for the permission until it needs to use the utility.


Simplified Volume controls. No more touching the volume keys and hoping it knows which you’re trying to control.


M aims to improve battery life!


Android Wear is also expecting an update and featuring a couple new apps. Including Uber! and an updated Google Fit.

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Brillo is the Android version for Home Automation!

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Android M aims to be smarter by adding features that’ll provide information by taking context queues from texts, email, etc.

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10:45am: New Photos app is better, stylish, and separated from Google+! The best part is it is that it’s unlimited free storage!!!

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11:00am: Android one is Google’s project that is tailored towards third world countries and expects to be able to keep connectivity simple and affordable. This also includes features such as data caching, compressing of pages so that they can load 4x faster and use much less data.


11:05am: Some of the Updates when discussing Chrome and Data usage include more offline usage. You can save webpages to use later, or view youtube videos offline and even use maps offline by caching data for a small period of time.


Google discusses VR and it’s plans to provide content. In works with GoPro by providing a camera rig that uses 16 GoPros able to film 360 degrees. They’ve titled it project Jump.

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They Keynote ends discussing self-driving cars and project loon. Google’s goal is not to provide the best consumer products for the wealthy but to provide services that are affordable, helpful, convenient and progressive. In todays keynote we’ve discussed everything from Google’s web services and their attempt to make data easier to get ahold of without sacrificing data and their projects such as Android, Brillo, Self-Driving Cars, Loon, Wear, Pay, AndroidOne and Android TV.