Vesess Raises $1M, Launches VGO Platform To Help Taxis Compete With Uber

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Vesess, a leading provider of intuitive and fast software products just announced the general availability of VGO, a new cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) logistics technology platform that will help traditional taxi and logistic companies compete effectively against technology-driven competitors, such as Uber. Unlike its competitors, Vgo is fully customizable to minimize operational costs and maximize profits based on each client’s unique needs.

As ride-sharing gains a stronghold on public transportation, the world’s taxi medallions could become obsolete. A number of dispatch software applications have emerged to increase booking efficiency for taxi companies struggling to stay afloat, but these one-size-fits-all solutions aren’t tailored to meet the specific interests of individual fleets.

Vesess is currently supported by a group of logistics industry veterans from the Asia Pacific region and has 11 years of experience building intuitive and fast software products. The platform’s web-based management app is accessible on any device for both drivers and consumers. Vesess conceived the idea for Vgo in July, to address the imminent threat rideshare companies like Uber pose to the 80-year-old taxi industry. The platform is currently serving customers from Australia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka, with plans to expand to more countries in the Asia Pacific region.

“The big picture here is the dramatic shift brought about by Uber and similar services, such as Ola and GrabTaxi, said Lankitha Wimalarathna, CEO of Vesess Inc.” Traditional taxi companies must either adapt or die in this rapidly changing environment. Vgo goes beyond existing cookie-cutter software applications, which fail to maximize each client’s profits based on its unique framework. Because the survival of taxi companies hangs in the balance, we work closely with our clients and fully customize our platform to meet their exact needs.”

About Vesess

VGO is created by Vessess,Inc a design and technology company based in Sri Lanka with more than 11 years of experience building easy-to-use and fast software. Founded by Lankitha Wimalarathna and Prabhath Sirisena, the company has evolved from a small garage startup operation to a fully fledged web development team and are now in their 12th year of business. Some of their notable work includes their online billing system, Hiveage, which serves more than 45,000 businesses from 140 countries. Through VGO they are currently serving customers from Australia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, with plans to expand to the US and European markets next.