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Here’s a Rundown of Google’s Nexus Event

Google holds an event every year for their Nexus devices and this year just about everything leaked weeks before. Nonetheless the event showcased a series of promising products. From the new Nexus 5x and 6p to the second edition of the Chromecast and Android OS Marshmallow features, we’ve got a promising preview to the Google ecosystem of 2016.

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The Nexus 6p is the first of the Nexus devices to sport an all metal body. It’s a Huawei built premium device with a 5.7inch screen, USB type C fast charging, a 64-bit processor and a 12.3 MP camera capable of shooting photos with tremendous 1.55µm pixels. The phone starts in the U.S. at $499 fully unlocked and Google Fi operable. It’s quite possibly the most premium Nexus thus far.

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The Nexus 5x is the second iteration by LG, sports a new fingerprint scanner, a 12.3MP camera and a 5.2inch screen. It’s no surprise Google brought back the 5; the device was a favorite among Nexus users and it’s sequel looks like a promising follow up. The device will run Marshmallow, use a USB type C fast charging port and is available to preorder now starting at $379.

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Both phones are available to preorder now in the U.S., Ireland, U.K. and Japan. They both will ship at the end of October and include a $50 play credit and a free trial subscription to Google Play Music.

As for Google Play Music, the service now includes a family plan that’ll allow up to 6 members for $14.99 a month.

The Pixel C is a new tablet built completely by Google; something they haven’t done before. The C standing for Convertible, introduces a new 10″ tablet sporting an aluminum body much like the Chrome Pixel, with the same stylish design. It comes with an optional sturdy keyboard that attaches magnetically. It’s the best quality tablet we’ve seen from Google and the best looking tablet/keyboard combo we’ve seen on Android.

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The new Chromecast has a revamped design. It promises better and faster WiFi connectivity. Connects to a completely rethought app that’ll act as a hub for all of your casting options and it comes in two new colors. The new device stays at it’s original price of $35.

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So if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent the last few months thinking about wireless speakers. Bluetooth speakers are great, but the bluetooth functionality can get difficult to manage, drains battery and isn’t the easiest to share on multiple devices. Google’s announcement of the new Chromecast Audio turns every speaker in your house into a wireless option. The device connects via wifi and can be carried around easily so that you can take it with you and use any speaker you choose. The UI is the same as standard TV casting so there’s no confusion.

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Marshmallow comes out next week and will be rolling out to all Nexus devices over the course of a few days. You can preorder the new phones now at the Google Store and buy the new Chromecast today. The Pixel C will be out in time for the holidays but there’s no official date yet, only that it’ll start at $499.

Google’s keynotes are never rambunctious light shows with grand musical performances. They’re products speak for themselves. They’re humble with intentions of consistently improving their products and services gradually over time. The Nexus 5x and 6p are exponentially better than the first iterations of the Nexus device and Marshmallow is crisper and cleaner than any previous Android OS. The android ecosystem has proven that it can be smart, intuitive and experimentally friendly. What more could you want from a tech savvy ecosystem?