The FLYBi Drone Will Turn Anyone Into A Professional Drone Pilot

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The innovative drone that let’s you experience flying like a bird without ever leaving the ground.

With FLYBi, anyone can be a professional drone pilot. FLYBi combines existing drone technology with innovative features, such as intuitive battery swap for unlimited fly time, bird’s-eye view head-tracking, wearable hands-free controls, and obstacle avoidance safety features, which set a new bar for the drone industry.

The FLYBi drone is the world’s first truly autonomous drone that gives you a first-hand flying experience!

FLYBi’s autonomous battery swapping mechanism, the Helideck, is what makes this drone truly unique. Any time FLYBi loses signal, runs out of battery, or flies too far away, it will automatically return to the Helideck for battery swapping/safe keeping. FLYBi’s GPS location tracking and superior obstacle avoidance systems mean operators can easily control the drone without any advanced training.

Users control the FLYBi using a waterproof, wearable controller containing a small joystick and a set of dedicated buttons. These buttons initiate take off, control hovering, take photos, and even return the drone back to its base. There’s also a matching 1.8-inch display with anti-glare glass which allows you to watch your drone during flight.

Advance Robotix’s CEO, Tim Voss says, “Our challenge with designing FLYBi was to think outside the box and get truly creative – not only with enhancing safety features and user experience, but also with driving new technology. In the near future, we expect to see FLYBi drones being used everywhere, by everyone – adventurers, families, law enforcement, agriculturalists, and more. We’re excited to see FLYBi play an integral role in saving time, money, and resources for so many industries throughout the world.”

The company is launching its $100K Indiegogo starting today to bring FLYBi to market, with products set to ship to backers in March 2016. Pricing for the complete set is $1495.  Buyers will receive one FLYBi Drone, one FLYBi Wrist RC, one pair of FLYBi Goggles, one Helideck and two extra batteries.

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