Used Vs New Vans: Which One’s Right for You?

If you are thinking about buying a used van, it may not be the best or the worst idea, depending on your needs and the deal you manage to find. Newer vans, on the other hand, are almost always going to feel better, provided that we are comparing two similar models of the same class of course. So, which one should you choose and why?

The Electric Powertrain

Not only are the newer models built better, but they may also have an electric powertrain, making your van more energy efficient, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly. You can find older, used vans at a fraction of the price of course, but those might not always be as good a deal as it might seem to be at first. Make your calculations first to find whether buying the used van would even be profitable enough, considering the reduced lifecycle, an expectedly higher downtime and greater maintenance expenses (used vans need more repairs and maintenance than new ones).

The Warranty Issue

Older vans may have a dealer’s warranty on them but the terms can be tricky, so read them first. Past the first year, the warranty on used vans either will expire, or the terms will become trickier, keeping the dealer safe from paying for anything major. New vans will always come with a 3-to-5-year warranty, and although the terms must always be read, renowned manufacturers generally don’t try to be too sneaky with van warranties! For you to distinguish carefully one from another, follow this link and compare yourself. You can find the option that best adapts to your budget after thorough research.

Don’t Buy a Bigger Used Van, Unless You Have the Need for It

What happens is that since used vans are significantly cheaper, it is tempting to buy a bigger vehicle than we need because it feels like we are getting more for less. Larger vans will cost you a lot more in insurance premiums than medium vans, so make sure that your needs fit your purchase, or you will end up paying a lot more for insurance than you should need to.

We recommend going through this guide they have on Quotezone to find the cheapest van insurance policies. The page has detailed information regarding how to compare quotes and find the best insurance deal for any new or used van. It also has an extensive FAQ section with answers to all possible questions that owners may have about insuring their vans, associated costs, coverages, etc.

In general, vans are mostly or partly used for commercial purposes. Naturally, wear and tear can happen a lot faster with vans than it does with regular cars. Just to be safe, it is perhaps best if you bought an affordable, properly sized, semi-electric van first-hand, rather than buying something ancient, fuel hungry and internally damaged. Even when you manage to find a good deal on a van that is not really very old and looks to be in fine shape, take a trusted mechanic with you before buying. They will check it out in ways that a regular person would not even know how to.