United Airlines Rewarded Two Million Miles To Couple Hackers For Finding Security Holes In Its Systems

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I wasn’t a hacker for the money, and it wasn’t to cause damage. — Kevin Mitnick, world’s most famous hacker who leads an elite white-hat team to provide the planet’s best penetration testing, security assessments and training.

Two hackers just hit a jackpot for finding serious security bugs in the United Airlines’ computer systems. Each of them will receive a million miles reward, enough for several first-class trips to Asia or up to 20 round-trips in the U.S.

The airlines declined to give details about those security bugs, but said that the two hackers are working closely with their engineers to fix the flaws. “We’re confident that our systems are secure.”

Since 2012, United Airlines has suffered several major problems with technology systems. Last week, all United flights were briefly grounded and more than 1,000 delayed after one such breakdown, which was blamed for a faulty computer router. A passenger even exposed his disappointment to the airlines by writing a Facebook’s status as ‘85% of my flights with United Airlines were delayed’. Hackers finding bugs in the system could improve the overall system. To find out more about pentesting and other cybersecurity measures, – read more at https://blog.cobalt.io/cost-metrics-exploring-pen-testing-as-a-service-40add24ca9ec.

Good luck with your work, United Airlines, and we hope to see more and more white hackers in the future.

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