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Esplorio Travel Startup Completes First Round Of Funding

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Anyone who has traveled for a long period of time knows how difficult it is to compound all of the memories and moments from the trip in a cohesive fashion. Social media takes on so many forms that creating a single chronicle your adventure can seem impossible. The team at Esplorio has developed an application designed to solve this problem, and they have the funding to make it happen.

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The company is a travel startup backed by the University of Oxford’s Isis Innovation software incubator and the European Space Agency.

The application helps users create beautiful and easy to share travel diaries by compiling social media content and travel data. The application is iOS only and currently in Beta.

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So far the company has raised a total of £200k, including funding from angel investors Elliot Mackenzie and Akash Gupta. Additionally, an SEIS fund known as the London based “Startup Funding Club” has also invested in the startup. Several grants complete the total sum, including one from the European Space Agency Business Incubator.

These funds will be used to accelerate the development of the web and mobile application, ultimately making it easier for users to track and share their travels.

While most people can’t vacation all the time, Esplorio will help users savor their memories forever. The completed round of funding demonstrates that investors have faith that the application will perform admirably when it is released to the public. This application promises to make sharing your trip easy, and TechDrive will share Esplorio’s adventure as it becomes available for download on Apple’s web and app stores.

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