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Transfix: Beyond Uber For Trucking

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Ethical business. As great as this sounds in theory, it often isn’t put into practice. One New York City startup, however, has placed this at the heart of its philosophy.

Meet Transfix, and its claim to fame is that it’s a location-based, on-demand freight marketplace. A simplified explanation would be to call it “Uber for trucking” as many media outlets have done before, but it’s actually so much more than that.

Transfix’s marketplace connects owner-operators with truckers, circumventing the complicated, unethical, and red tape-filled business and labor practices employed by legacy based trucking giants. Trucking is a time intensive job, and while having something like Transfix helps to give more control to the truckers, using a company like the McPherson Oil Company gives them what they need to make sure their operations isn’t halted by any problems with their trucks. The trucking industry is changing continuously especially when many businesses relying on shipping to get their products across bounders and overseas, luckily there are places similar to that might be able to help businesses get where they need to go. There are also telematics technologies available for existing trucking companies to use in their vehicles to reduce costs, increase cash flow and improve efficiency; you can see here for a review of the Transflo ELD device to see if its features would be of value to your operations.

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Cutting-edge technology is brought right into the hands of truckers, giving them access to first-class shippers in the process. Doing this creates a win-win scenario. Shippers can haul their freight at a lower than market standard price and drivers are paid 6% more than the industry standard. The impact technology will have on trucking will be huge in the future. In fact, route optimization software is already revolutionizing the industry.

The company prioritizes the needs of its truckers by helping independent owners and operators compete with longstanding companies and carriers. Aside from beating big corporations’ monopolies on access to the best shippers, it also offers mobile tools to drivers in the form of a free mobile app.

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The app provides all users with information on essentials such as truck stops (and what goods and services they have to offer), weigh stations, lodging, restaurants, fuel prices, distance to go (remaining distance) and ETA, shopping centers, weather, and moon phases. This segment of the software is called “TRANSPATH.”

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The other portion of of the application is called “LOAD HAULS,” available exclusively to registered Transfix drivers. This provides a single place where drivers can accept high quality jobs, get paid for free and in a timely fashion, and also navigate the various other elements of doing business.

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Transfix is the only broker offering a transportation management service free of charge, but the revenue model is proven to work and benefits all parties involved. Shippers are charged to pay both the drivers and Transfix for making the pairing happen, but all other technological solutions are free.

Transfix flawlessly uses technology to level the playing field in an $800 billion industry. While truckers have to meet certain qualifications to become registered with the company, those who do will gain an enormous leg-up into a formerly impenetrable industry. It doesn’t always seem like business is looking out for the little guy, but this NYC startup seems Transfixed on making that happen.

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