Trying To Break Into The Startup World? Planted Is Here To Help

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We can all admit that looking for a job can be boring, or just plain overwhelming.  Where to start?

For those who just graduated college with a computer science degree, landing a job at a startup shouldn’t be too hard. For the rest however, it’s not so simple.

Planted, formerly known as Lynxsy, just launched its iOS app yesterday to help non-technical Millennials find jobs with startups. It pairs a data-driven algorithm with a layer of human curation to ensure that candidates are matched with the right job prospects.

“We monitor over 100 different data signals from both the employer and the candidate, ranging from background, to preferences, to which positions people opt into on the platform,” says Connie Wong, co-founder of Planted.

I was curious to see how the app works, so I signed up today.

Basically, it functions like a a dating app where you answer a bunch of questions, get a certain number of “matches” per day, and express your interest or disinterest in each. The difference is that these matches are jobs, not dates, and showing interest means you’re submitting your resume to apply for the position.

It seems as if most of the matched jobs are in New York, but you can choose which cities you want to get matched with.

Co-founder Susan Zheng added that the extension of the brand to mobile was intended to streamline user experience.

“We see mobile as an opportunity to take the work out of finding work, and to transform the overwhelming black hole that is the job board experience,” Zheng told TechCrunch.


Source: TechCrunch