Check Out Google’s Support for Pride

June is Pride month and today, the U.S. has more supporters than ever. Silicon Valley is in the Bay Area, one of the most accepting ares in North America, so naturally tech companies are starting to show their support.

Google is allowing anyone who creates an Androidify version of themselves to participate in their very own pride parade. Characters created before June 27th also get an opportunity to be featured on Android’s very own float at the actual parade in San Francisco, New York or London on the 27th and 28th.

In the video you can see Androidified versions of Tyler Oakley, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, Tom Daley, Sir Ian McKellen, Conchita Wurst, Sam Smith and many others. This isn’t Google’s first open stance on the subject matter. During the winter Olympics last year, Google made a brave statement against Russian’s anti-gay laws with a doodle.



We’re secretly hoping that Google will have more to show their support this year, because frankly this video just feels like another ad. However, it doesn’t degrade the sentiment in any way. Google has proven that it’s a forward thinking company with their work to provide connectivity and education to 3rd world countries and with their innovations in tech.

Here’s my Androidified self. Show us yours if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community or if you’re an ally!



Source: The Verge

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