Tired Of Walking Around The Airport? Get A Scooter-Suitcase

“A good idea, properly understood, always has a practical application.” – Jimi Morgan

How often do you find yourself rushing to get to the gate on time? Do your legs sometimes feel so tired walking around the huge airport? Micro Kickboard has the solution: a brilliant suitcase, which can be transformed to a scooter that is known as Olaf.

“The idea comes from having to catch the next connecting flight in three minutes when the gate is on the other side of the world and you need to move faster than those moving walkways,” said idea owner, Bostjan Zagar.

Thousands of suitcase designers out there may have introduced thousands of different designs every year, yet no available solution to Zagar’s problem. He then used his background as an automotive engineer and his time waiting for flights to sketch up an alternative. Now, after three years of testing, the Olaf is ready to hand off to you.’s available in three models: an airline-approved carry-on suitcase with a built-in kick scooter; a backpack with kick scooter, and a kick scooter that can carry another bag. All three feature wheel suitcase-style collapsible handles that can double up as hand trolleys.

How do people react when they see your suitcase-scooter? “Oh cool, I want to have one,” Zagar cheerfully replies.

“Some people sort of care about how they will look. For me, it doesn’t matter how I look if I miss my next flight. That’s all.”

Currently, Olaf’s Kickstarter campaign has risen well in excess of its $27,000 target.

It seems the scooter-suitcase is already on a roll. Share your comments with us.