2015 Can-Am Spyder F3: The Swings Of A Freedom Eagle

Sometimes, when life catches up with you and you find yourself doing everything at a million miles per hour and forgetting to breathe, it’s good to just take some time away. Which is exactly what I did. When I’m feeling stressed, the beach and the sea is the perfect de-stressing combination. It’s important that we all take some time away from our busy schedules and life’s many stresses and have some recuperation time.

All I need for my escape are the wings of a freedom eagle, a 2015 Can-Am Spyder F3 Motorcycle.


Limited quantities. Limitless exhilaration.

The new Can-Am Spyder shows a new name on its side panels, and it reads FE EFI, while the front grille badge displays a red S. A glance of this new Spyder is heavily updated, with edgier lines — and frankly, with a lot more automotive vibe than some might find to their liking. The new Can-Am has two clear-lens headlights mounted higher than usual, and we can see some auxiliary lights in the pics, too, most likely optional equipment.

The F3 is an evolution of Can-Am’s line of three-wheeled Spyders, conceived to appeal to the performance rider. Unlike the previous RS and RT, its engine is partly in view and the machine doesn’t come stock with hard bags, and it’s lighter with a lower center of gravity than its older siblings. The seating position is also lower, significantly lowering the laden CG. It’s available with either a six-speed semi-automatic or manual transmission; it’s six up for the auto and still uses its conventional one-down, five-up for the manual gearing. The Spyder F3 has a refined Vehicle Stability System (VSS), enhanced by the ride-by-wire throttle. Therefore, power and braking are managed slowly and smoothly, rather than abruptly, shutting the thing down when the rider shakes on the tilt switch. It also comes on with just the press of a button.

2620286_F3-S_front-Plt_15The Spyder F3 is powered by a 1,300cc liquid-cooled Rotax triple with EFI, a powerplant that first appeared in the RT last year as an upgrade from the Spyder’s original V-twin. It has a claimed 115 hp, and 96 pound-feet of torque. Redline is around 8,000 rpm, and the throttle is in the rider’s right hand.

Braking, as per all Spyders, is a three-disc affair controlled by the rider’s right foot; there is no hand lever for stopping. Bosch ABS is standard, and the brake calipers are by Brembo. Although the F3 has no bags as delivered, it does have a trunk up front, which can hold a full-face helmet.

2620284_F3-S_3-4-rear-RedBlk_15The F3 comes in two flavors, the F3 and F3S. In addition, the F3 also features an upgraded trim package, black and “machined” wheels, black suede seat with red stitching, premium front fenders with LED lighting, and electronics cruise control. The F3 is available in white or black; the F3S comes in black, white/black, magnesium metallic/black, or red/black. Options include four handle lengths, windscreen, saddlebags, floorboards, seat, detachable backrests, lighting, wheels, and an Akrapovic silencer.

Go for random rides where you don’t really know where you are going, and anywhere that you see a few motorcycles pulled over, just join them. Chances are they are watching an incredible view of the sunset or know a secret pathway to a remote beach.  Do you have that one place where you can completely escape life? Share your comments with us.