This Wi-Fi Router Packs A Whopping 2.5 Mile Range

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Ever left your house and really needed Wi-Fi? Needed to do an emergency download but the file was too big for mobile data? Ben Caudill, a Def Con conference hacker, has invented a device to solve these problems.

ProxyHam, his invention, can project a secure and anonymous Wi-Fi signal an insane 2.5 miles. That should be far enough for some to do their errands without their cellphone disconnecting from their home network.

The range of a typical Wi-Fi router doesn’t reach more than 300 feet without any obstruction. While lot of these Wi-Fi 6 Routers 2020 are best suited for 99% of the homes, there could be a odd person wanting more range than what is required. This makes Caudill’s creation a huge development for internet technology. For help configuring your existing router, be sure to take a look at this website here for information on how to access the setup page and more.

The crazy range is possible with the combination of a traditional Wi-Fi signal with a 900 Hz radio wave. The radio boost is necessary both for extending range and to mask the source of the traffic. It also means he can follow the Linksys Router login instructions to access his router from afar.

device in a box

Caudill built his device on a Rasberry Pi computer coupled with three antennae, one for the Wi-Fi and two for the radio.

In order to take full advantage of the range, users will have to plug the full antenna setup into their computer, making them to look ridiculous and/or like an FBI agent.

The point about the FBI isn’t just a joke, though. Caudill intends this device to be used for additional privacy. The radio makes it extra difficult to pinpoint. So not only is this a huge jump in Wi-Fi signal range but it will also provide users with a secure connection wherever they go.

As with most technology, miniaturization often follows inception. Caudill intends ProxyHam to shrink to the size of a book for maximum portability and stealth.

One small step for privacy, one large leap for Wi-Fi range.

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