Developers: Uber will pay you $5 per user you sign up

Uber is the largest robotics network in the world. If you haven’t thought about it that way quite yet, then consider the network on which Uber performs on. Their apps are on devices across the world creating a grid of information by communication to their servers. Add the fact that they literally have an office in Pittsburgh working on self-driving cars and the definition of automation might change your mind. They’re taking over and so far, no one has been able to stop them. You’ve probably heard the saying, if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s precisely what Uber would like you to do.

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The company just recently announced that they will be giving 5$ per person who joins Uber through a “Request a Ride” link in their app. Of course, new users will receive 20$ credit for their first ride as usual but the incentives for programmers will be an additional form of motivation to get those links.

You register your app or website on the Uber Developers platform as an Affiliate and you’ll gain access to the feature and start producing revenue through the link based on how many people sign up through your site or app. The minimum amount earned in order to receive the payout however is $250. Which means you’ll need to recruit at least 50 people in order to make money off of the program. Also, you’ll need to be in the U.S. in order to be on the affiliation program.

The marketing approach is interesting and definitely beneficial for the users, but I would argue that the incentives aren’t as luring as they might seem. Consider you use an app that can make use of an Uber option, you’ll be drawing a lot of traffic to Uber’s platform instead of keeping them on yours. Sure, one can argue that the deep link would keep them in your app, but you’re still giving Uber services through your platform. The trick would be to incorporate it well enough that people will be inclined to continue to use your app and not skip the “middle-man” and use Uber’s app instead. You won’t make much money unless you’re encouraging more people to sign up for the app, which by now, many already have. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of people who haven’t. If you find yourself doing some extra shifts for Uber, you may want to check out this uber mileage tracker to keep track of your expenses while on the job.

So will you participate in Uber’s affiliation program or will you veto against it and stand aside as Uber takes over the world?

Source: Uber | TechCrunch