Meet MicFlip – The World’s First Reversible Micro USB Cable

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USB cables are a part of our everyday existence – we charge our phones with them, we use them to transfer files, and we connect crucial gadgets like printers, scanners and cameras to our networks using them. But it seems today’s USB cables and plugs just aren’t meeting the needs of the millions of people that use them daily.

Featuring an ultra-strong braided nylon lead, a robust aluminum shell and gold plated plugs to prevent corrosion, the MicFlip represents a new era of intelligence for mobile accessories.

As the first product of its kind the MicFlip USB cable offers mobile users a whole new level of functionality. Thanks to the intelligent design smartphone owners can now connect their next generation devices in any direction.Rather than risk damaging components by accidently forcing standard micro USB plugs in the wrong direction, the MicFlip can be seamlessly inserted at any angle. For smartphone owners wanting to maximize charge time and efficiency it’s a must have accessory.  With this flexibility comes complete convenience and significant time saving benefits – just plug and go. There is no hassle and no frustration when ports don’t match and no need to spend hours searching for specific connectors. The MicFlip makes connection seamless.

No other company on the planet has developed a reversible USB cable that offers smartphone owners the flexibility to charge and connect in dual directions. There is a huge demand for this cutting edge technology, and the company is anticipating a huge amount of interest from both Indiegogo supporters, and the public mobile accessories market.

The MicFlip team asked a multitude of people: what would you change about your micro USB cable? The answers were resounding. 75% of people said that they wished the plug at the end of the cable was reversible, to prevent those irritating moments where you can’t seem to get the cable inserted properly into the Micro USB port, no matter which way you turn it.

This seemed like such a simple request – and the results were staggering. The MicFlip slots seamlessly into any USB port, so instead of risking damage to components by accidentally forcing your USB plug in the wrong way, you can just plug and go!

This is a real world first , and you can help support MicFlip on Indiegogo.

The team wanted to make the world’s most sought-after, efficient and durable USB cable – so as well as making the plug totally reversible, the wires are covered in an ultra-strong and flexible braided nylon lead. The cables also have a robust aluminium shell, and gold-plated plugs to prevent corrosion and ensure that the MicFlip will outlast all of your other USB cables.

The MicFlip cable will work with all standard micro USB devices such as smartphones , Power Banks , wearables , earphones , speakers and more .

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