The Tesla’S D Event: D For Model D? Dual Motor? Or Driverless?

A cryptic tweet from Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk has mentioned about their upcoming Event, which will be aimed at revealing its “D” as well as preparing for “something else” to expect along the way. Tesla also sent out invites to journalists and the media community already for its much-hyped press event October 9th.

So what is “D”?

Remember in the recent interview with CNN Money, Elon Musk mentioned about a self-driving model for next year. He said, “A Tesla car next year will probably be 90 percent capable of autopilot,” though he didn’t dive into any specifics about which model(s) this comment was in reference to. “So 90 percent of your miles could be on auto. For sure highway travel,” the Tesla CEO added. “Tesla is a Silicon Valley company. I mean, if we’re not the leader, then shame on us,” said Elon. And I don’t doubt any part of Elon’s statement.

So the “D” could possibly be a Model S with all-wheel Drive, a Model S outfitted with Mobile-eye collision-Detection technology, a Dual Motor, a Driverless Model, or a completely new Model D?

We’ve got a week to find out.


What is the “D” for in your opinion? Share your comments with us



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