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The Flying Car Is Here, Looks Like A Death Machine

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Thorstin Crijns is the founder of Quadro UAS, and instead of using a multi-copter model on unpiloted drones, he’s using a similar base to make people fly.

Normally, a drone uses four propellers to attain the correct amount of lift, but when the combined weight of the machine and pilot amounts to 242 pounds, more power is needed. That’s why Crijns has implemented 16 motors and and props, which together produce 282 pounds of lift.

Flying Car Ground

The actual flying machine weighs a mere 110 pounds, thanks to an aluminum frame completely devoid of safety features of any kind. In fact safety seems like its the last thing on Crijns’ list; he doesn’t even bother to wear a helmet in his brief test flight.

But safety aside, the important thing is that the young engineer was able to takeoff and land successfully. While the overall experience looks rather terrifying to slow-living people such as myself, it’s impressive that his prototype works so well.

It’s clear that flying cars are a long way off, but daring innovators such as Crijns are paving the way to new technological frontiers. Just don’t ask me to ride without a helmet.

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