Smartphone App Zubie Launches Exclusive Perks For Customers



Zubie is a connected car service focused on making driving safer, easier and less expensive for consumers, small businesses and business verticals including automotive, insurance, and mobile/telecom operators. The company was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina, USA, with operational offices in the Minneapolis area.

New Analytics-Driving Platform Let’s Car Owners Save Money on Automotive Expenses with Personalized & Tailored Offers


Zubie, a leading company in the emerging connected car space, today unveiled its new Perks platform to offer timely and targeted automotive savings to drivers. The Perks platform is the first of its kind to use connected car technology in order to offer drivers relevant savings on items such as insurance, services or accessories through qualified third-party vendors. By gaining insight into driving or vehicle data, vendors are able to determine specific owner needs and effectively tailor and deliver discounts.

Perks increases the relevance of connected car technology to consumers whose interest is primarily saving money on car ownership. With Zubie Perks, drivers can empower themselves to use data, learn about their car’s behavior, and be informed of special discounts that can reduce their automotive expenses. One example is, if Zubie finds that your car has a weak or dying battery, Perks can search for battery deals from partner merchants and you will be notified if any are offering discounts on car batteries. Some perks may ask for driving or vehicle data as part of redemption, but it is always based on the user’s consent. User-controlled privacy is a core element of the Perks platform.

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For families, Zubie can really come in hand. You can find out real time, where your car is, and keep track of other cars in your household. You will also receive alerts as well. This is very handy if you live in a multiple car household. Owning a car is expensive, the upkeep it self can cost you quite a bit. With Zubie, you will have the information you need, and can save up to $500 a year on expenses alone.

Zubie simply alerts the user to promotions they might qualify for, sending notifications through its mobile app to notify them of an opportunity. To redeem specific perks, users review the terms of the perks offer, provide consent to data if requested, and then proceed to redeem the offer in-app or at a physical location. Several of the current categories of in-app perks being offered on Zubie’s platform include: insurance, service & repair, car battery discounts, warranty, roadside service, new car and resale financing offers. Auto service providers and insurance companies such as Progressive, CARCHEX, Sears, Goodyear and Urgent.ly have already signed on as partners to offer deals to Zubie users who consent to sharing their data through the Perks platform.

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The new feature is the first of its kind for companies like Zubie, according to CEO Tim Kelly. “I think this is the most important and significant way we are unique, and it’s how we are really empowering the user to take advantage of data and use that directly to reduce the cost of owning a vehicle, and do that in a very material way,” he said. “So we think that’s really compelling to the user, and it’s really exciting for our business model because it allows us to create a subscription service for the core Zubie product, and then this advertising business that sits on top of it, to generate really great returns for our shareholders.”