RV Types

RV Types and Choosing What’s Right For You

If you’re shopping for an RV to enjoy a road trip this summer, there’s plenty of travel trailers for sale to suit all your camping needs that you’ll want to become familiar with. RVs are also known as motorhomes, in case you’re confused, and you can always contact a motorhome hire agency rather than buying one outright if you just want a trial run of a new kind of travel experience one summer. Whether you’re buying or hiring, you still need to know what to look out for when choosing your vehicle. Consider how much you can carry as well – if you want to get all of your camping gear in, it’ll have to be a larger vehicle on most occasions. While also looking at the equipment itself, it’s worth looking deep into camping gear reviews and seeing whether what you’re taking is easily stackable or foldable etc. – as most products designed for camping tend to be.

Many people like to buy or rent an RV to make their vacation extra-special. But choosing the wrong RV might end up ruining the entire trip! You could also take the leap and visit a RV park models.

Wondering which RV types are best for you? Keep reading to learn the answer!

Diesel Motorhome

When it comes to your personal car or truck, many people prefer gas over diesel as a more economical option. However, some RV drivers prefer diesel for a bit of extra power.

A diesel motorhome is one that you drive directly (as opposed to hauling behind you). And the diesel engine in the back gives it extra power, which is really good if you will be driving on many hills and mountains.

The location of the engine also makes the ride feel nice and smooth. If you have a family that is doubtful about traveling in an RV, this may be the vehicle that wins them over.

Finally, this is a good choice if you plan on living in the RV for large chunks of time. That makes it a good choice for retirees who like to travel.

Gas Motorhome

What’s the deal with a gas motorhome? For all intents and purposes, this form of RV is similar to the diesel except that it runs on gas instead.

Many people prefer gas RVs for shorter trips, though using gas instead of diesel they will save you money on longer trips as well. And you can get many different amenities on the inside.

Various models contain comfy furniture, washers and dryers, refrigerators, and so on. By getting the options you want, you can have a true “home away from home.”

Class C

The diesel and gas motorhomes we described above are both “Class A.” Another RV option that is available to you is the “Class C” RV.

Such RVs have a distinctive look: they are built over the chassis of a truck and attached to the back. As such, the livable space inside the RV is smaller than in the Class A models.

We recommend this vehicle for smaller families or families that will mostly be camping. In these scenarios, the smaller living space would be a relative non-issue.

Class B

The next type of motorized RV is the “Class B.” If you see these on the road, you may not even recognize them as RVs at all!

That is because they basically look like extended vans. And this smaller design is great for those who worry about driving a huge RV or hauling anything behind their vehicle.

Such RVs are versatile enough for cross-country adventures as well as serving as a primary vehicle for driving you to work or deliver erectile dysfunction drugs. And the insides are surprisingly spacious in terms of providing amenities like sinks and toilets that typically fold or swivel away. Have a look at some of these types of motorhome, such as these barth motorhome classifieds.

Ultimately, though, this small vehicle is best suited to small families.

Towable RVs

So far, we have focused on the kinds of RVs that you drive directly. Below, we have some additional information on towable RVs. But there are a few things you should know about these vehicles.

First, you want to check the weight of the RV. Some are light enough to be towed by your humble sedan, but others may still require a very sturdy truck.

Second, you’ll want to make sure you have the space for the RV. Does your home have the space to store the RV part when you’re not driving?

Finally, you’ll want to figure out the size you need. Smaller RVs are easier to haul, but you may miss out on the room once you get to your destination.

Park Model RVs

The RVs below are all different kinds of towable models. But we wanted to use this space to talk about an emerging class of RV known as the “park model.”

These are basically a combination of RV and “tiny home.” The idea is that you haul the RV to your favorite vacation spot and then hook everything up. You can setup the best trail camera under 150 as hidden surveillance for your RV to see what or who happens to be around when you’re not, or sleeping inside your RV

Instead of having a vehicle that’s trying to be a house, you’ve got a house you can tow with a vehicle. And this can pleasantly surprise your family and friends!

If the existence of this RV surprises you, it’s good to take the time to learn how easily you can get different types of RV transport.

Fifth Wheel

When it comes to hanging with friends, no one wants to be the “fifth wheel.” But when it comes to RV options, the Fifth Wheel may be the best choice!

Such RVs get their name because they come with a special fifth wheel hitch. This allows them to be hauled by a truck wherever you go.

And if you want to haul an RV, this is by far your largest option. And you’ll need a correspondingly powerful vehicle to haul this thing to your destination.

At the end of the day, this RV is the best choice for those who have large families or who just want to rock a lot of living space.

“Toy Hauler”

So far, we have focused on the idea of families traveling to vacation destinations. But sometimes, solo vacation-goers need an RV of their own!

Some RVs are affectionately known as “toy haulers.” This is because they have extra space for you to store bicycles, motorcycles, four-wheelers, and so on.

If you like to have vehicular fun, this is the most logical option. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to figure out how to store your vehicles on top of figuring out how you will haul the RV.

While there are compromise options for smaller vehicles (like bike racks), this is the most comprehensive option for bigger (or more numerous) toys.

RV Types: The Bottom Line

Now you know all about the different RV types. But do you know who can help you plan your RV getaway?

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