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Gas vs Electric Golf Cart: Which is Best for Retirees?

If you’re soon joining the ranks of the 10,000 Americans who retire each day, congratulations! It’s amazing to know that you’re going to be able to have time to spend with loved ones and take up new hobbies. Plus, since you won’t have to work, there are a lot fewer stressors to think about after retirement. Without these stressors, you’ll be left with a healthier mindset. Click here if you’re wondering how a healthy retirement is a happy retirement!

That isn’t to say that you aren’t going to have to make important decisions, though. In retirement, it’s likely that you’ll be using a golf cart to get around a lot. Whether you’ll be on the putting green or the streets of a retirement community, you need to make the choice between a gas and electric golf cart before driving around stress-free.

Here, we’re going to weigh the pros and cons of gas vs. electric golf carts to help you decide between the two.

What’s Great About Gas?

Similarly to a car, a gas golf cart uses a central engine to power its movement. These golf carts run on oil, meaning that they’re fueled up with gas just like any automobile.

An advantage to this is that the life of the golf cart will be longer than that of an electric golf cart, which will need to be recharged often so the battery doesn’t die. If you’re looking to drive for a long duration, then a gas golf cart might be the right choice.

Still, it can get really expensive if you need to fuel up your golf cart all the time. Gas prices are high, and you don’t want to pay them if you don’t have to. Plus, gas powered golf carts aren’t environmentally friendly at all, while battery-powered golf carts are a lot more so.

Is Electric More Advantageous?

Electric golf carts are arguably more advantageous than gas ones. For one thing, you won’t have to stop and fuel up all the time, which is a huge waste of your money. The fact that electric golf carts are battery-operated makes them a lot more efficient and easy to use. Just plug them in overnight and they’ll be ready to go!

Another good thing about electric golf carts is that they’re easier to repair than gas ones. While you can buy club car parts online to fix broken bits of an electric cart, you would have to replace the entire engine of a gas golf cart if it stopped working.

The main disadvantage of electric golf carts is that you can’t make super long trips with them or drive around all day. The battery would die too quickly. However, you could invest in an electric start kit for Honda generator (if you’re on a camping trip, or something similar) or any power backup that you think you might need if you intend to go on a long drive with your golf cart!

Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts

Whether or not you choose a gas or electric golf cart is really up to you. If you want to drive for a long time, a gas golf cart might do the trick. But if you want to pay less and reduce your carbon footprint, going electric is definitely the way to go.

Now that you know about gas and electric golf carts, check out our blog over at TechDrive! We’ll help you learn a lot of cool insider information about the technology you run on.

Happy retirement!