Radar for Autonomous Cars

Arbe Robotics Unveils Advanced Imaging Radar System, utilizing the power of radar for real time imaging – turning radar into a high resolution 4D mapping system.

A startup pioneering the use of a trusted technology, radar, for autonomous platforms, is announcing its full 4D real-time mapping platform for autonomous vehicles. Arbe Robotics has already built a complete collision avoidance system for drones, and the company has transitioned its trusted technology to autonomous cars by building an imaging radar system as the base for autonomous drive, at an affordable price.

The company is developing a full stack 4D imaging radar that provides a cost effective, long range, high resolution radar solution for the automotive industry. In addition, the patented radar signal processing algorithm efficiently compensates for target motion, and outputs a sharp radar image with accurate location and velocity estimations of all targets in the scene.

As a full stack 4D imaging radar system, the platform implements synthetic aperture radar (SAR) for automotive cars for the first time. In addition, the patented radar signal processing software was specifically developed in order to solve processing and doppler known problems, such as the problem of high processing power, in addition to the issue of accurate location of moving targets.

Arbe Robotics has built a radar system for long (up to 300 meters), mid, and short range with high accuracy (less than 10cm) and high resolution (1 degree). As with its radar collision avoidance system for drones, Arbe Robotics’ 4D radar mapping system for autonomous cars is low in cost, size, weight, and power.

In addition, Arbe Robotics’ complete solution for autonomous platforms is integrated and built with the power of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM). SLAM provides the radar platform with improved target separation, improved resolution, while completely removing false alarms, thanks to its ability to:

  • Fully track objects
  • Localize the car while it is moving
  • Learn algorithms and classify other targets according to their radar signature
  • Extract the actual shape of the target from the classification
  • Filter unreal targets according to body motion constraints.

Following its launch in November 2015, Arbe Robotics has quickly grown and developed into a leading radar solution that is a more economic, reliable, and battery efficient collision avoidance option for both drones and autonomous cars.

“While drones are fun, the future of automation is in cars” said Kobi Marenko, CEO and co-founder. “Here at Arbe Robotics, we are only scratching the surface on what radar has to offer the autonomous platforms industry, and challenging one of the main issues regarding automation today: the danger of collision. source: betting apps Our innovative solution holds the promise to open up new avenues for autonomous manufacturers and operators to derive value from their devices.”

About Arbe Robotics:
Arbe Robotics was founded in November 2015 by three cofounders, Kobi Marenko (CEO), Noam Arkind (CTO), and Oz Fixman (COO). Now, with a team of ten individuals, Arbe Robotics is in the midst of building a global leading solution for collision avoidance, one of the leading issues with drones today. Arbe Robotics has received funding from Canaan and Partners and Taya.