Mercedes AMG GT Black Series Confirmed


At the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG Chief Executive Tobias Moers said that a hotter Black Series version of the AMG GT “is a car we must do.”

The AMG GT S, which was unveiled in September, is quite the capable machine already. It equips a space-age, 4.0-liter biturbo V8 under its sculpted hood, enlists 503 horsepower in its 3.7-second charge to 60 mph, and has suspension bred for the circuit.

AMG fans have been pondering a Black Series variant of the GT since its reveal, especially since the 622-hp SLS AMG that came before it was actually quicker in the straights. Renderings of the hypothetical sports car started to appear just the very next day.

Before that can happen, though, Moers told Autocar that Mercedes-AMG needs to create “a full family,” and the next offspring looks to be a GT3-style race car.

The GT3 is due to arrive in 2016, and it could be the perfect stepping stone to an unhinged, primal Black Series down the road. Unfortunately for gearheads, it will probably be pretty far down that road.

“It won’t be here soon,” Moers explained in Detroit, “because Black Series cars tend to come towards the end of a car’s production cycle.”

That means we’ll be using our imaginations for at least a few years. The two-door will commence deliveries this spring.

Source: Digital Trends