There Is A Mysterious Apple Van Driving Around California

Apple Mystery Van?

Since Apple is by its nature a mysterious company, every hint that it’s trying something new drives lots of speculation. Claycord, CBS and others have spotted unmarked, Apple-registered minivans driving around California (and possibly New York) sporting an abundance of cameras and (maybe) sensors.

Some are quick to speculate that these are autonomous vehicle prototypes meant to take on Google’s self-driving car, but it’s not certain that this is the case. Apple may just as easily be using these vans to add Street View-style panoramas to Maps, improve the accuracy of its existing map data or something else altogether.

Technology analyst Rob Enderle said number of cameras on the apparatus leads his to believe it is a self-driving test vehicle, not a mapping car. “Too many cameras,” said Enderle. “It has cameras that are angled down at all four corners of the vehicle.”

Either way, it looks like Apple is trying to catch up to Google in one way or another, though we’re not likely to find out which way from the company itself.

Source: Engadget