25-Minute Tour Of The BMW Museum

Believe in yourselves, dream, try, do good, and reward yourself with a BMW.

“I was raised on everything Chevrolet. The Corvette was a prized love in my household. My brother used to speak his vast automotive knowledge in the backseat of the car during drives to wherever. I aspired to this greatness. Until one day, my dad finally did what he had always wanted to do with his money. He purchased his first BMW for himself and himself only. It was a 2001 BMW 740iL Sport. The car was amazing. I’ll never forget my mom, my dad, Jason and I pulling up to the BMW dealership to pay for it and drive it off,” said Josh, a true American Bimmer, as he told me how great BMW is in his eyes.

Apparently, this is just one of a million stories of how much BMW owners love their cars. Contrary to some opinions, BMW does not stand for Best Motors in the World company. Certainly, BMW-branded automobiles are regarded as being some of the few engineering firms close of perfection, but the letters stand for something less boisterous and more good-natured: Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Works.

the_seven_housesUnlike most of the automakers out there, BMW hasn’t focused on a vehicle as a whole but started from its primary source of power, the engine. The German carmaker has set a new standard in power and stamina. Its models launched during the 1980s consequently joined the pinnacle of engineering accuracy and true power and beauty among sports car enthusiasts. Moreover, caring for the customer and staying ahead of competition was proof enough that BMW had turned into a true, mature brand.

BMW is one of a few brand-names that has its own heritage and incredible history. In 1973, the BMW Museum was established, shortly after the Summer Olympics opened. It’s located near the Olympiapark, and had been renovated in connection with the construction of the BMW Welt, directly opposite. The museum shows BMW’s technical development throughout the company’s history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles, and vehicles in a plethora of possible variations. In addition to actual models there are futuristic-looking, even conceptual studies from the past 20 years.


01_BMW-Museum_Aussenansicht_01Let’s have a 25-minute tour around this wonderful museum:

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