Mopeds are back! ONYX Motorbikes Indiegogo campaign is now live

Mopeds are back!

The San Francisco motorbike startup’s Indiegogo campaign is now live, and you can support them here.

You don’t want to miss out on the early bird deals. 35% off the RCR ($2275 USD), and 35% off the CTY ($1625 USD). Estimated delivery is set for September of this year.

About the company:

At ONYX their focus is to reintroduce built tough, fun to ride, nostalgic motorbikes with an updated affordable electric drive-train. They believe every step counts in the efforts to push the world forward.

They are reintroducing a full-line of electric bikes taking inspiration from popular mopeds just as they were in the 70’s and 80’s. Both bikes offer the highest torque direct drive motors in their class while delivering a 2-stroke like power-band feeling throughout the entire throttle range.



Some cool news. The startup has teamed up with Treatland the premiere moped parts and accessories shop to offer the ability to personalize either of the electric ONYX bikes. With countless bolt-on options you can truly make a one of a kind ONYX like no other e-bike on the market today! To see some of the already available ONYX parts and accessories head over to Treatland by clicking here >>> TREATLAND.TV

Currently, the company has raised $242, 150 USD (with 102 backers). They are at 97% of their fixed goal. We are wishing them the best with their campaign, and can’t wait to see these mopeds on the streets!

Here is what they’ve done so far:

For more info check out their IGG page