Alibaba’s New Driverless Robot Delivers Parcels To Your Door

Alibaba does it all.

Are robots a new species? Just recently, the company showed off a driverless delivery robot that will help ship goods purchased online to customers more conveniently and a storage locker with facial recognition that promises to keep food warm.

The robot is called the G Plus, and it is being developed with Chinese company RoboSense. Using scanning software, the robot, called the G Plus, uses LIDAR and built-in navigation to navigate its surroundings.

Alibaba’s Cainiao G Plus (PRNewsfoto/RoboSense)

The G Plus is pretty much a delivery locker on wheels, capable of carrying packages and food at a calm pace, maxing its speed at under ten miles per hour and dropping it to just over six if there are people or cars around. Upon arrival, it can either drop off the package or users can get their delivery through a PIN code. The G Plus is currently in use at Alibaba’s headquarters and will go into commercial production by the end of this year.

Alibaba also showed off a smart locker that can be installed outside a user’s apartment. The Cainiao uses facial recognition to unlock and can expand to accommodate different sized packages. What’s also pretty cool is that the temperature of the locker can be controlled remotely so a pizza delivered could be held warm, or produce kept cold, until retrieved. So far there is no word on when the Cainiao box will be released to the public.

Source: Engadget