Moley Builds Robots that Cook for You

Moley Robotics builds a series of robots that use your kitchen for their chef aspirations.              robotic-chef-can-help-you-cook-gourmet-meals     kitchen-robot

The British are a charming people responsible for a plethora of inventions such as the telephone, the steam engine and the bicycle, but this next concoction from a series of British innovative engineers will blow you away.

Moley Robitics has built a team of cooks so smoothly jointed they can imitate the swift moves of a professional chef. Thanks to culinary professional Tim Anderson, who spent time creating his food art in a motion capture studio, the engineering team was able to translate the fluid movement to the skills of the robots.

The robotic kitchen goes on sale for a starting price of $14,000 as early as 2017 and comes with a dishwasher and custom fridge to compliment a professional grade hob and oven. It has a built in touchscreen or you can choose to control it with your smartphone and the app includes a series of downloadable recipes that are to frequently be updated.

If having arms hanging from your ceiling is a deal breaker, the robotic kitchen’s arms neatly retract away while on standby. They also offer a glass casing that can surround the robots and make it safer for children. Moley says that in the near future the company will be adding motion capture cameras so that you can record yourself or your family members cooking your favorite lo-chef-tim-anderson-con-un-piatto-cucinato-dalla-robotic-kitchen-di-moley-roboticsrecipes and allow the mechanical culinary virtuoso to mimic it masterfully.


The Robotic Kitchen is your personal chef, with downloadable recipes and professional talent.