Meet The JackRabbit: Not a Bike, Not a Scooter

Not a bike, not a scooter…Jack Rabbit is a simple, compact, lightweight and nimble electric vehicle for campus and urban mobility.

There really are a lot of unique e-bikes out there. This bike doesn’t quite look like a rabbit, but it’s still cool looking. Meet JackRabbit, a new model that launched on Kickstarter that appears to be hybrid of a bicycle and a scooter. Check out the specs below.

Jack Rabbit’s DNA expresses everything you want in personal mobility:

  • Light – Less than 20 lb…easy for anyone to carry
  • Compact – Folding footrests and rotating stem reduce stowage space requirements
  • Simple – Minimalist design enhances reliability. No chain or shifters to break or adjust
  • Nimble – Only 4 feet from head to tail makes for agile handling in mixed traffic situations
  • Fast & Frugal – 18 mph top speed. 13 mile average on a single charge (Auxiliary battery pack in the works)
  • Strong – Aluminum monocoque frame handles riders up to 240 lb
  • Big Wheels – Large wheels with fat tires are more stable and roll smoothly with more traction over any terrain. More versatile than a scooter or skateboard
  • Lockout Security – Proprietary detachable speed switch disables operation. No smart phone required
  • Low-Maintenance – Anti-puncture liner in rear tire. NO-FLAT, nitrogen-infused front tire
  • Power Cell – Built-in USB port for recharging personal devices
  • Fuel Gauge – Central LED monitor displays battery energy status
  • Quick Charge – Recharges from empty in 2 hours–much less time to top off
  • Stylin’ – Accessorize with phone cradle, cup holder, cargo rack, lights, bell, etc.
  • Quiet & Clean – No noisy gears or greasy chain to contend with
  • 5′ to 6’4″ fit – Saddle adjusts for humans of all sizes, rabbits too
  • Patents – No surprise that multiple patents are pending

Want to know more? Its 36-volt rear hub motor takes it to a top speed of 18 mph (29 km/h), and is powered by a 36V/4.8Ah integrated battery pack – a 2-hour charge is reportedly good for a range of about 13 miles (21 km), with a display of four LEDs showing the current charge level.

Using a handlebar-mounted speed switch, riders are able to choose between Climb, Coast and Cruise modes. That switch can be removed when the scooter is left unattended, making the vehicle unusable to thieves.

Other features include a no-flat nitrogen foam-filled front tire (the rear tire has an anti-puncture liner), a USB port for charging devices from its battery, and a single rear V-brake.

If you are an e-bike lover and want to turn some heads, then this is the bike for you. The team behind the JackRabbit is hoping to raise $45,000 on Kickstarter to get the ebike into production. If successful, it should go on sale in December at a retail price of $899.

Source: New Atlas