Tesla Goes Camping [sort of] With Model 3 Assembly Tents

Audacious, daring, foolhardy; these are all words used to describe Musk’s approach to Tesla‘s production schedule. These words are, of course, with reference to the production of the company’s latest car, the Model 3. And for all the words that are being thrown around, they at least deserve this one: respect, especially since they shattered their Q1 target.

According to Bloomberg, which delightfully offers its viewers an interactive look into Tesla’s production levels. More than 37,000 have been built so far as its production graph pretty much goes vertical. These figures have all been in the wake of a dire need to curb its financial burn-rate.

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Tesla goes camping [kind of]

So a bit of context is needed here because when Tesla goes camping, we aren’t talking about 1-2 person tents. Instead, using what Musk refers to as ‘minimal resources’, the tents are basically open-air production centres. Spanning over 150 foot and standing at 53 foot high, these are all connected in a long line to take care of each phase of a Model 3’s construction.

Now, while the installation has been provisionally approved by the city of Fremont for a span of six months. It remains uncertain whether this will continue forward, potentially supporting or dashing Tesla’s production hopes.

At the very least, Musk is extremely positive about the addition of these tents.