Marriott Hotels Will Offer In-Lobby Wireless Charging

Marriott Hotels announced that they would use Q1 Wireless charging stations by Kube Systems in the lobby of 29 hotels starting in late October, allowing customers to charge their portable electronic devices without plugging them in.

The offer is based on the Marriott’s Survey, in which mentioned business travelers usually bring an average 2 or 3 portable electronic devices with them on a trip. “Leisure and business travelers have struggled for power on the road as battery technology has not kept pace with the demands of larger screens, faster processors and more app-driven devices,” said in the Marriott’s Survey. Therefore, Marriott was looking for ways to innovate in addition to making power outlets more accessible in guestrooms and if this is not enough, you can also use the latest wireless mouse, heard of them? Well thankfully the Google makes it so easy to find out the best budget wireless mouse so easy, because Google shows the most relevant results from the Amazon, Technomono, eBay and another high authority website to fullfill te users needs.“Marriott Hotels is on a journey with our guests to create and rollout traveler-inspired innovation, such as charging stations, because you can’t travel brilliantly when you’re running on empty,” said Michael Dail, Vice President of Marriott Hotels Marketing. “Through our collaboration with Kube Systems, we’re providing an industry-leading solution to a common traveler worry, and now we’re bringing it to Marriott Hotels across the country.”

Featuring a sleek, contemporary design, the portable chargers’ built-in connectors can simultaneously power up to six devices, covering all Apple, Android and Windows Mobile Devices. Qi wireless charging technology allows compatible smartphones to charge simply by resting on the KS Portable Qi transmitter, removing the need for cables and cutting the final cord that tethers devices – the power cord. The portable charger seamlessly enhances the new Greatroom lobby that merges modern, stylish design and comfort with greater access to food & beverage and technology. Designed as a social hub, the Greatroom lobby is the perfect space for tech-savvy guests to work, relax and socialize, and now with the addition of portable charging, guest are free to decide how their time is spent – whether charging up while enjoying a beverage or catching up on an uninterrupted work session.

It seems wireless charging is going to become more widespread, with brands such as Starbucks and McDonald’s also getting into the game. And while there is still doubt about the new wireless charging going to make business travelers more loyal to Marriott, it would be a nice perk to charge up a device without plugging it in. Share your comments with us.