World’s Lightest And Smallest Personal Vehicle For Just $980

Traffic. Parking. Everything drives me nuts!

It happened to me yesterday. I went out for a lunch date with my other co-workers. And because the restaurant was about 5 miles away, I chose to drive, completely forgetting how difficult finding a parking spot is at my company’s parking lot.

And I had to pay for my forgetfulness. As when I went back to the office, it took me 20 minutes to finally find a spot to park my car — the spot was about 600 feet away the office.

Why would you want to drive your car to somewhere nearby if you have this World’s lightest and smallest personal vehicle?

In 2014, a Swedish, a Catalan and a Dutch guy who lived in Barcelona at that time, created and launched moCycl, the compact yet super-light Self-Balancing Unicycle (SBU).  An awesomely fun and efficient way of getting around! The vehicle is easy to fit into any personal locker, easy to carry with you, and easy to to catch the eyes of other people.


“We built the moCycl in the pursuit of one big idea: to revolutionize and transform the commute and getting around for millions of people all over the world,” said Every Ride Matters, the company made this brilliant vehicle.

Thanks to some engineering ingenuity and the hi-tech Sony Lithium battery, the moCycl consumes very little electricity. Even while you brake, the vehicle recycles the energy and stores it in its large on-board battery. It has built-in features protecting the rider in case of a fall, and the construction is fully waterproof and weatherproof. The battery will take more than three thousand recharge cycles.



Its optimized dimensions and light weight make it effortless to carry around. It travels at the top speed of 11 MPH, with a range of 12.5 miles.

The company is running a fund campaign on Indiegogo with the goal of $5,300. Now it’s your turn to TURN ON, STEP UP, and MOVE OUT.

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