How to Find the Best E-Bike For You?

Are you looking for an e-bike? If you do, then you might have wondered how to find and choose the best e-bike for you.

E-bikes are different: some are big, some are small. Some are foldable, while some are bulky. With these differences in mind, how do you find and choose the e-bike that fits your personal preferences? 

To help you out, we will teach you how to properly choose the best e-bike that’s suited to your needs and preferences! If you’re just starting with E-bikes, make sure you know some of the basics of cycling before trying them out. Here are some tips from Epicbicycles.com.

Here are the things you need to account for when you’re looking for the e-bike that’s the best for you: 

Where Would You Use It? 

When looking to choose and buy an e-bike, it pays to take note of where exactly you would use it. There are three main types and purposes of e-bikes you should be wary of:


  • Urban e-bikes for city travel, transportation to and from work, shopping, and when you want to travel the whole city. 
  • Off-road e-bikes for mountainous, rocky, and muddy terrain. 
  • Road e-bikes when you want to do a long journey traversing numerous places with asphalt and concrete roads.

Of the three main types, the most versatile one would be the off-road e-bike. An off-roader is more than equipped to ride for city transportation and long journeys involving asphalt and concrete roads, aside from its actual purpose which is off-roading.

So if you want to do city rides, long journeys involving flat and decent roads, and off-roading rides, then an off-road e-bike would be your best bet. 

How Big Do You Want The Bike To Be?

E-bike size is also a good point to take note of if you’re looking for the best, if not the perfect e-bike for yourself. 

In case you’re wondering why the size of the e-bike matters, it’s simple: you can’t call your e-bike the best if you can’t touch the floor with your feet when standing up, or if you slouch so much just to fit your tall height into a crampy and small-sized e-bike. As a starting point, you can use the common sizes you see in manual bikes such as folding bikes and mountain bikes, but if you want to be more specific, let’s delve into the numerous factors involving e-bike sizes: 

Frame Size 

The frame is the part that supports every part of your e-bike and the part mainly responsible for handling and supporting your entire weight. With this in mind, frame sizes are really important when looking for an e-bike. 

The good news is, determining the right frame size for you is usually a piece of cake: if you’re a small person, choose a small frame, and if you’re a big and tall person, you choose a bigger frame. 

If you happen to wonder why this is the best way to determine the right frame size, we’ll elaborate:

If small people were to use big and tall frames, handling and steering will be a problem since a small person will usually have a hard time reaching for the pedals and handlebars.

The weight of the e-bike itself is also a problem since the bigger and taller the bike is, the harder it is to control. 

As for tall people, using a small bike would likely cause physical problems like arm pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, hand pain, and more joint-related problems because of the added strain of using a cramped e-bike. Just try out different e-bike sizes and determine the most comfortable to ride on and the most confident you are using and you’re good to go. 

Handlebar Size and Height

The handlebar is one of the most important parts of the e-bike; if you don’t have it, you risk falling over or colliding with a static obstacle, pedestrians, cars, trucks, and fellow bikers. 

Since the handlebar controls the steering and handling of the e-bike, you have to make sure that the handlebar size and height are the perfect fit for your height and your other personal preferences. 

In choosing the right handlebar size and height, you must feel comfortable and confident about the handling of the e-bike. 

And you need to feel good too after riding for a few minutes or up to several hours without experiencing any kind of neck pain, arm pain, wrist pain, and shoulder pain from an unfit handlebar size and height. 

Saddle Height 

The saddle is the part of the bike where you sit, and it’s good to have the saddle height the same as the handlebar height to reduce pressure in your groin area.

A saddle that’s too low or high will only give you problems in the long run, primarily because of comfort concerns (especially for men), and the ability to quickly reach the pavement with your feet in cases of a sudden stop. 

To determine the best saddle height, ride the e-bike and see if your knees don’t surpass the height of your arms when pedaling. If you’re an avid cyclist, you would most certainly feel something’s wrong with the saddle height if you pedal it a few times. 

How Much Do You Ride In A Day?

An e-bike would never be called an e-bike without its batteries. And since batteries deplete over time and an extended period of use, asking yourself the question of “how much do I ride in a day?” would be a good point to take note of. 

If you’re riding an e-bike just as a hobby or a fitness regimen, a small battery pack that can cover 30 miles in a single charge would suffice. But if you’re an avid cyclist who e-bikes to and from work or goes on long journeys, a battery pack that can cover 62 to 74 miles is often enough.

There are e-bikes with the biggest battery packs that can cover 200 miles though, but this is often considered unnecessary and impractical unless you’re not a fan of charging your e-bike too often. 


All in all, finding the best e-bike for you should be a meticulous task to do. You should factor in the right frame size, handlebar size and height, saddle height, and battery packs. 

The right frame, handlebar, and saddle would always be dependent on how comfortable you can get. 

And as for the battery pack, you just need to count the distances you cover in a day, so you can better pick a better battery pack suited for your usage personality. 

We wish you good luck in choosing the best e-bike for you!

*Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.