Car wrapping specialist putting vinyl foil or film on car. Selective focus.

The Undeniable Benefits of Wrapping Your Car in Vinyl

Picture it: you’ve finally found your dream car. It’s the right make, the right model; it’s free of damage and within your price range. There’s only one problem—it’s the wrong color.

So, how do you make your dream car a reality? The answer is vinyl wrapping.

Vinyl wrapping is a process that covers your car in a thin, protective film that is almost indistinguishable from paint. But is it worth the investment? Read on to find out the best benefits of wrapping your car in vinyl!

Full Protection

Car wraps provide full protection for all types of cars. Not only does it protect your original paint from fading in the sunlight, but it also protects against scratches. At any time, a vehicle owner can remove the vinyl wrap completely to reveal unharmed original paint.

A vinyl car wrap is more durable than paint, and it lasts between five and seven years. Plus, unlike brittle paint, it won’t chip over time. In fact, beyond car paint protection, wrapping can hide minor damage that’s already present.

Vinyl car wraps do require special care, though. Experts recommend handwashing them once a week to keep them clean and in the best shape.

Unique Styles

A vinyl car wrap makes it easy to show off your personality. There are thousands of colors and patterns to choose from, and you can even mix and match for specialized designs. Many of these color options can’t be replicated by traditional paint.

A car wrap is almost endlessly customizable—you don’t even have to wrap your entire car. You can do just your roof or hood or create stripes or flames. You may even choose to wrap your doors with an advertisement for your business.

In addition, car wraps come in several different finishes. You can choose between glossy, matte, carbon fiber, metallic, and leather-like finishes.

For examples of unique styles, check out these car wraps.

Low Cost

A vinyl car wrap generally costs less than a custom paint job—about half as much. Plus, in the instance of scratches or other minor damage, you won’t have to pay for color matching and touch-ups. Instead, you can rewrap affected areas.

A car wrap can even save you money in the long run. Wrapping a car raises its resell value by keeping the paint in mint condition. In contrast, repainting a car can decrease its value.

Plus, painting your car can void warranties—meaning you have to cover auto repairs out of pocket. Vinyl wrapping keeps warranties intact and comes with its own warranty as well.

Learn More About Wrapping Your Car

As a vehicle owner, wrapping your car is the best decision you can make for car paint protection and color customization. Plus, it’s affordable and long-lasting. If you’re still on the fence, continue with your research or get a quote today!

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