7 Legendary Jeep Off Road Trails Across the Country

7 Legendary Jeep Off Road Trails Across the Country

Are you looking for an adventure? Each year over 200,000 people purchase a Jeep Wrangler, which is perfect for adventure seekers. Part of the thrill of owning a Jeep Wrangler is being able to take them off-roading.

We have created a list of seven Jeep off-road trails throughout the United States for thrill-seekers. These trails range in climate, intensity, and experience. If you are interested in learning about these trails continue reading.

1. Alpine Loop Trail- Colorado

The Alpine Loop Trail extends over 70 miles and is located near Silverton, Colorado. This moderately challenging trail takes on average 35 hours to complete. You should visit this trail between July through October because that is when it is most scenic.

2. Hidden Falls Adventure Park- Texas

Hidden Falls Adventure Park claims the spot of the largest 4×4 off-roading trail park in Texas. These off-roading trails expand over 2000 acres of land and range in their difficulties.  Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a great time no matter your experience level.

3. Rubicon Trail- California

The Rubicon Trail is one of the most desired Jeep off-road trails. All over the world Jeep owners challenge themselves on the intense off-roading trail.

They have trained trail experts and mechanics on-site to assist those who attempt the trail. Here is more info about the type of Jeeps best for the job.

4. Windrock Park- Tennessee

The Windrock Pack trails cover over 73,000 acres of land and have over 300 miles of trails. These off-roading trails range from easy trails to extremely difficult. This gives you the choice to choose between a scenic route to riding around cliffs and boulders.

5. Imperial Sand Dunes- Arizona

Along the eastern side of the California Imperial Valley is the Imperial Sand Dunes, which extend for over 40 miles. The dunes in this area have reached over 300 hundred feet giving an intense riding experience. It is the site for multiple movie franchises, so you can live out your fantasies. 

6. The Trans- America Trail

The Trans- America Trail extends from the Appalachia to the Pacific West. This off-roading trail is over 4,000 miles and on average takes over four weeks to complete.

When completing this trail, travelers are faced with a variety of obstacles such as weather changes. These trails are moderated by guides and officials to ensure the safety of that off-roading. 

7. Ocala National Forest- Florida

The Ocala National Forest has over 60 miles of off-roading trails, which takes over 24 hours to complete. You can make it a multiple-day event or take one trail each visit.

There is a combination of maintained and unmaintained forest areas on these trails. Trail difficulty does not extend past moderate.

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