Go Shopping On A Cool Folding Tricycle

Beautiful and Useful.

The Kiffy Urban Tricycle makes it perfect to ride whenever you want to move around town and shop. It’s light, foldable, portable, maneuverable and stable. As a result of the collaboration between French Designer Patrick Jouffret, who is currently working for Studio Agency 360, and Norbert Peytour of NPinnovation, the innovative folding tricycle can be separated with ease into two completely independent sections, and the front section can be used to easily transport shopping bags or any other cargo.


Inspiring the initial concept, Studio Agency 360 sought the ideal form, taking into account the necessary proportions, mechanisms and disassembly procedures. Thus, the tricycle’s construction is designed consistently with structural and functional components such as transportation, hydraulic brakes, a flash folding system, a reverse gear with two speeds, and collapsible pedals. This 27-pound alloy architecture stretches to 57 inches long for riding and occupies a 22×21-inch footprint for shopping or storage. Alternatively if you’d like a tricycle for outdoor sports and activities, look here for different tricycle reviews.

The tricycle comes with two options, a two-speed Flash version that is foldable, or a single-speed Fix version that is slightly lighter. Pricing and availability of the Kiffy have not been announced yet, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted.


This video inspires you to ask yourself “why not have one?” when it’s available.

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